"John Connally" by Sharon Connally Amman

‘John Connally' is a bronze monument on a granite base. Everything was cleaned with a power washer as well as all crevices detailed using a soft bristle brush. Remnants of old wax were removed. The sculpture was then burnished and a new coat of wax was applied and buffed to a light shine.

Preventive Conservation

"Kneeling Figure" by Donald Baechler

‘Kneeling Figure’ is a 5 foot tall bronze sculpture and fountain. Oxidation was occurring along the bottom front that is to be expected with fountain sculptures.

Entirety of sculpture was cleaned using a basic mild detergent.  The piece was then “flashed” with a propane torch, better allowing the metal to receive wax. 


"Call Ernie" by Jim Love

“Call Ernie” is located at Houston's Hobby Airport. Any spots showing rust or a bubbling of the paint were addressed by cleaning, sanding and then primed and painted. The entirety of the sculpture and base was hand washed using an AWLGrip AWLwash cleaning solution.

Entirety of the sculpture was buffed using an optical grade cutting polish followed by two coats of a rub on polymer treatment (AWLGrip AWLCare) that is recommended by the paint manufacturer AwlGrip. 


"Light Wings" by Ed Carpenter

“Light Wings” is located in a pedestrian connector at Terminal A at the Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. It is made of laminated dichroic glass and cellular polycarbonate panels suspended by stainless steel cables attached to stainless steel pipe. The piece spans 78’ feet long, 40’ feet wide, and 15’ feet deep.

The installation was cleaned on site with a scissor-lift, provided and operated by airport staff. OnAim used a variety of magnetic and microfiber dusters attached to extension poles to remove dust from dichroic glass components, stainless steel cables, turnbuckles, and tensioning nuts. Using a mild detergent solution, OnAim spot cleaned all parts of the lower level glass and removed all bird droppings that could be safely reached. Hardware tension was inspected and tightened as needed to ensure the safety of the piece.

Sculpture Restoration

Bob Fowler

This 10 x 8 x 22 foot steel sculpture (corten and stainless steel) was in bad condition. Various areas of the sculpture had been rusted through, with large rust sections visible. Rain had washed rust from the corten onto the stainless panels, creating a discoloration. The underlying structure was damaged in part and needed sections replaced. This piece needed a full exterior rebuild.

OnAim set up scaffolding on the median and started cutting away panels to get a closer look at the underlying structure. As panels were removed, damaged structural pieces were fixed, and a template system was created to cut the new panels to skin the outside.

Except for the top spire, all stainless panels were replaced and installed with an eighth-inch reveal so that water can run off behind the panel and not stain it.

Sculpture Restoration

Horace Farlowe

This 10x10x10 foot steel sculpture was in bad condition. Various areas of the sculpture had been rusted through, with large rust sections visible. It needed a partial rebuild.

OnAim cut the sculpture into three pieces and transported it off site. All paint was stripped off, all damaged surfaces replaced, and then primed.

The piece was reassembled on site using a crane. Once stable and welded back in place, it was painted back to the original color.

Sculpture Restoration

Jonathan Thomas

The totem pieces by Jonathan Thomas had been installed on a ledge inside a swimming pool. The chemicals had broken down the black paint on the steel poles that hold the pieces, slowly causing the steel to rust and breaking down at the base.

OnAim replaced the poles with stainless steel poles that can withstand the chemicals inside the pool. The rust stains on the concrete bases were removed. The actual pieces were carefully cleaned of all debris, restoring the pieces to their original vibrancy.

Stained Glass 

'Lady of Transformation'

ONAIM cleaned and installed a seamless LED light panel behind this stained glass and steel piece by Mik Miano.

Glass Restoration

Rob Wynne "Feel It"

The mirrored backing for each glass piece was stripped and recoated. To prevent future moisture build-up that led to the deterioration of the backing, the piece was reinstalled with a thin gasket material at points of contact.

Sculpture Conservation

Frank McGuire: "Axis"

Restoration and preventative conservation of artist Frank McGuire's sculpture "Axis" located in Houston, TX. The sculpture received a complete sanding, washing, and repainting.

Sculpture Conservation

Rolf Westphal: "West of the Pecos"

Restoration and preventative conservation of artist Rolf Westphal's sculpture "West of the Pecos" located at the Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, TX. The sculpture received a complete sanding, washing, and repainting.

Preventative Conservation

John Clement: "Firefly"

Conservation of artist John Clement's sculpture "Firefly" located in The Woodlands, TX.

Mosaic Restoration

Dixie Friend Gay

Restoration of artist Dixie Friend Gay's mosaic murals located under the Waterway Avenue Bridge in The Woodlands, TX.