OnAim Conservation, LLC. is an art conservation company located in Houston, Texas, for small to large scale outdoor sculpture needs. Our conservation efforts help to develop and implement a customized program for the upkeep of public and private art collections. If necessary, we can assess damage and offer treatment needed to restore the artwork to its original state. We can also arrange and oversee the safe transportation and installation of outdoor works. We are fully insured with a general commercial liability plus a fine art conservators policy that covers sculptures on site, while in transit and at our premises.


Preventive conservation ensures the sculpture’s longevity and prevents the need for costly and time-consuming restoration. Especially for outdoor sculptures, much of the prevention efforts are focused on combating environmental pollutants, such as acid rain. We help you develop and implement a customized routine treatment program for your collection.

OnAim Conservation LLC is a certified woman-owned business and a member of the American Institute of Conservation.

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Ariane Roesch

Ariane Roesch, a native of Germany, moved to Houston, TX, in 1996. She received a BFA from the University of Houston in 2007 and an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts in 2011. She has worked in and around the arts for almost 20 years: as a practicing artist, assistant director at an art gallery, as well as an Associate Publisher of an online art magazine. She focuses on the administrative and research components of OnAim Conservation, though she assists on various conservation projects depending on expertise needed.

She is also a writer, her debut novel "How to Build: a House, a Life, a Future" was funded in part by the City of Houston. Her review of sculptor Bob Fowler's book titled "Passing the Torch" was published on Glasstire.com, as was her op-ed on how artists are in the business of not being forgotten.


OnAim Conservation, LLC., Houston, TX. — CEO

Management of ongoing projects, marketing of services, as well as overseeing the archives and conducting research.

Glasstire, Houston, TX — Associate Publisher
2014 - 2016

Management of website sponsorships, maintaining donor database and tracking contributions, as well as providing financials to the board. In addition, assisted in switching to a new site template, provided feedback to editorial team, and helped with editing and shooting video content.

Gallery Sonja Roesch, Houston, TX — Assistant Director
2002 - 2014

Managed exhibition schedule and logistics with six shows a year, conducted studio visits, organized national and international shipping and assisted with outdoor sculpture installation logistics, managed artwork inventory and digital image archive, and managed marketing materials both on- and offline.




Zachary T. Miano

Zachary T. Miano is a Houston, TX, native and a son of the Urban Animals. His conservation and restoration knowledge draws from his antique shop upbringing, the tutelage under Bob Cassilly at the City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri, and his experience working in the engine room on seafaring ships. He is the lead conservator for OnAim Conservation and manages all on site operations.

Zak worked directly under Bob Cassilly for 8 years, constructing various aspects of MonstroCity, the Enchanted Caves, and the rooftop playground. This included restoring architectural items, working with terracotta, masonry, fiberglass, concrete, mosaic, bronze, as well as making molds, welding, and doing metal fabrication, and rigging.

After his time at the City Museum, Zak worked for 5 years as a merchant marine on seafaring ships. He was a junior engineer working on diesel plant operations as well as handling some crane operations, assisting on pipe replacement, tracing existing infrastructure, and piston breakdown.


OnAim Conservation, LLC., Houston, TX. — COO/Conservator

Oversee and manage the conservation/restoration of both public and private outdoor sculpture collections.  Other duties include, but not limited to, arranging the safe transportation and installation of small to large scale sculptures.

OnAim, 847 Lovers Lane — General Contractor
August 2015 - December 2016

Handled the day to day operations that go into building a house.  These duties included, budget management,  subcontractor supervisor, carpenter, plumber assistant, electrician assistant, backhoe operator, welder, and the all around make sure things get done guy.

Wishbone Welding, Houston, TX — Project Manager
May 2007 - Present

Work intermittently as  architectural welder.  Using drawings and/or blueprints, I either construct or oversee the construction of various architectural steel projects.

G&H Towing Company, Galveston, TX— D. E. U
05/31/2010 – 11/15/2011

268 Sea days as a Qualified Member of the Engine Department
124 days underway Plant Operations maintenance (Oiler) 159 – 179 Gross Tons 3900 HP (Jupiter, W. D. Haden II, C. R. Haden)
106 days underway Plant Operations maintenance (Oiler) 172 Gross Tons 6000 HP (Rosemary)
Oversaw on deck Tug to Ship and Tug to Pier rigging operations

Seafarers International Union, Houston, TX — D.E.U/Oiler/O.M.U.
February 2008  - February 2010

Worked on Seafaring ships all around the Gulf Coast as well as the rest of the world. Under the supervision of the 1st Engineer I performed general maintenance of Diesel Plant Operations.  My duties included:  Welding Fabrication / General Electrician / General Plumber / Hydraulic Line Repair and Reefer Control Supervisor

Cassilly & Cassilly / City Museum, St. Louis, MO — Sculptor / Conservation Asst.
March 1999 - November 2005

Working directly under Bob Cassilly and the Cassilly Crew is what I consider my true arts education.  Working for Cassilly & Cassilly, I assisted in art conservation, sculpting, and construction of the City Museum.  Mediums include:  oil paint, enamel paint, fiberglass, steel, bronze, brass, terracotta, marble, and mosaic tile.