Clean It!

  • Rinse your sculptures with clean water
  • If the sculpture accumulates a lot of dirt or dust, make a mild detergent solution using something like Dawn dish soap and water for a deep clean.
  • Using a soft rag or sponge as well as a plastic bristle brush (such as toothbrush) can help in removing lodged dirt and dust in hard-to-reach areas


  • Raise your sculpture at least 4-6 inches off the ground.
  • Water retention is bad for steel sculptures, causing rust to form and could compromise structural support for the piece.
  • Be mindful of nearby sprinklers
  • If the sculpture should sit in water, be sure the materials can withstand the prolonged exposure.

Create Borders

  • Create a barrier to protect your sculpture from damage due to landscape maintenance
  • Have your sculpture rest on a concrete or stone base to prevent any invasive plant growth or water retention.

Plant with Care

  • Keep foliage and garden plants away from the sculpture and the base it rests on.
  • Vines and other plants can attach themselves to your sculpture, which can leave biological growths and cause paint damage or rusting.

Construction & Maintenance

  • When undergoing any building maintenance, any paint overspray, drywall dust, etc. can travel and settle on nearby sculpture.
  • Protect your sculpture by covering them with a sheet or tarp.



Thoughts about Pools

  • If your sculpture is near a pool, pond, or any water feature, make sure it's well grounded and secure.
  • Place sculptures outside of the general "play area" to avoid splashing water onto the piece, especially from chlorinated pools.