Preventive Measures You Can Take


Like all pieces of art, sculptures are susceptible to degradation over long periods of time, especially when placed outdoors. Some common causes of damage include chemical reactions (rust, oxidation), sunlight exposure, surrounding plant and wildlife, as well as human-caused damages like vandalism or graffiti. Luckily, through proper prevention and anticipation of likely hazards, there are ways to avert these conditions while also extending your artwork's lifespan:

  • Give your sculpture an occasional cleaning with a mild detergent solution, for example using dawn dish soap and water. Use a sponge, rag, or toothbrush for a deep clean, especially in those hard to reach spaces that can gather dust or dirt.

  • Be mindful of proper drainage; when a sculpture is prone to water retention, whether caused by rainfall or nearby sprinklers or fountains, consider raising the piece or relocating it.

  • A well chosen base or border can protect your sculpture from water, landscape maintenance, or invasive plants.

  • Plants, especially climbing vines, can cause paint damage or rusting and should be kept away from your sculpture and its base.

  • If any building maintenance or construction is done near the sculpture, cover it with a sheet or tarp to prevent airborne particles (paint overspray, drywall dust, etc) from settling on your sculpture.

  • When placing a sculpture near a pool, find a level and secure location outside of the general "play area" to avoid unnecessary damage and spray from water or chlorine.

OnAim appreciates your patronage of the arts and look forward to helping you protect your investments in them.