Add conservation to your spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Our focus is prevention.

OnAim is an art conservation company located in Houston for small to large scale outdoor sculptures. Although we can assess damage and offer treatment needed to restore an artwork to its original state, we strongly encourage a preventive conservation plan for all outdoor pieces.

Preventive Conservation

Preventive conservation ensures the works longevity and prevents the need of costly and time-consuming restoration. Especially for outdoor sculptures, much of the prevention efforts are focused on combatting environmental pollutants, such as acid rain. We help you develop and implement a customized routine treatment program for your collection.

Why Spring?

As the temperatures warm, conditions become perfect for conservation. Whether the collection just needs a thorough cleaning, a fresh coat of paint, or a reapplication of a sacrificial wax layer - this is the time to do it. Assess your work after Winter conditions and protect your pieces ahead of the harsh Summer conditions, such as UV-rays.

Want to learn more?

The Getty Conservation Institute published this Newsletter about the importance of preventive conservation.

"Preventive conservation does not always require expensive or complex care strategies. In many institutions, much can be done by applying common sense."

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